3 ways to use events to grow your business

Live events are a great way to bring your brand to life, meet new customers and build stronger relationships with your existing followers.

Here are 3 different ways you can use events in your business.

  1. Host your own event!

Holding your own event really does shine a light on your brand and bring it to life.

You get to meet your current and / or potential customers in person and build a face to face relationship with them – in my opinion this is always a stronger bond than one created remotely, through online communication.

Hosting your own event does take time and usually some upfront funds to get things started, although if you keep it small and simple to begin with you can reduce your risk.

One of the big benefits of hosting your own event is you control the entire guest experience – from before they book right through to how you follow up after the event. You can take them on a journey that can make them a true fan and supporter of all you do.

Here are the top 5 things I’d encourage you to consider if you’re planning your own event;

  • Why do you want to run your own event – be clear about the reason as this impacts everything else.
  • What will it be? What is the best format to choose?
  • Who will it be for? This helps you tell the right people about what you’re planning.
  • When will it take place? Try to ensure the timing won’t be a barrier for people to attend.
  • Finances – get an idea of the fixed costs, think about how many guests you plan to attract and then calculate your minimum ticket price.
  1. Participate in an event

Exhibit at a show, take a table at a craft fair, speak at a conference or sponsor a local event and get exposure that way. There are all sorts of things you can do to get exposure for your business, or sell your products or services direct to customers. The same is true of holding your own event, that if you meet people in person it’s much easier to build a bond. Even if they don’t buy at the time they may come back to you in future.

Here are a few tips on maximising your presence at an event;

  • Present your business well – you don’t have to spend a fortune, get creative but make sure your presentation is appealing and in line with your brand
  • Be happy and friendly! I see people looking miserable and unwelcoming ALL the time at trade shows and it always amazes me. It is hard work, so get good staff / friends / family on board to support you so that you can schedule breaks. Make sure you brief your helpers well and enjoy yourselves!
  • Make sure it’s easy for people to remember you afterwards – offer a business card, run a competition of some kind, show them your facebook page and get them to like it so they can refer back later, give them a goody bag containing contact details and maybe a discount voucher for future purchases. Get creative to secure those future sales.
  1. Attend more events

There are so many events out there you are sure to find something for you. Here are some of the different event formats you could look out for;

  • Networking events
  • Training events
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

Select your events carefully so you don’t waste precious time, get them in your calendar and buy the ticket so you make a commitment to yourself.

Again, go prepared to share your details and with an open and curious mind! Remember we all inherently like to talk about ourselves (whether we realise it or not) so focus on being inquisitive and asking lots of questions when you meet new people – they will love you for it and you will get the chance to spot any potential opportunities.

However you use live events to support and grow your business, just remember to enjoy the process.

If you’re looking to host your own event, I am currently building an online course taking you through the 5 key steps to hosting a successful event. This will be available from July and I’d love to see you inside the course and support you on your event path.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please do pop them in the comments below.

See you soon,


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