Boost your personal brand by hosting an event

All of us in the coaching, expert or consulting world are keenly aware that our business is ALL about our personal brand. We work hard to share our expertise and help others in order to build a devoted and trusting audience and with it a growing customer base.

Have you thought about including events in your product mix? It’s true that you can build engaged and enthusiastic crowds of followers online – but there really is nothing that creates a deeper connection with someone than meeting them in person.

I know this first hand since starting my own business – it can be a lonely experience so I got myself out there, practicing what I preach (!) and went along to some training events. Some of the people I met through doing this have not only become great business contacts but true friends as well. I am grateful to the creators of those events and programmes that they enabled me to meet like-minded and inspiring people.

Grateful to event creators quote

So if you’re not sure whether events are a good medium for you, here are 3 ways that hosting your own event can help you build your personal brand;

  1. Bring your work to life and allow your personality to shine

You can be right there, in the same room, imparting your expert knowledge to an enthusiastic crowd.

Hearing what you have to teach in a live setting is so valuable to both you and your customers. They are able to ask questions to support their learning and get your unique perspective and expertise. In turn, this supports you in better understanding your audience’s perspective on the subject.

Putting your unique touches on the day – through everything from the design and layout of the room, the workbooks or literature, what added extras you offer and the like – all enables you to embed your brand and its values in the minds of your guests.

Research suggests that when we recall memories, a whole host of details come up – here’s a quote from a Psychology Today article “The neuroscience of recalling old memories” from July 2015.

Recalling memories quote graphic

So you can see how important it is to inject your personality and add those personal details to help your guests form stronger and more meaningful memories of your event.  That’s got to be good for business.

2. Show yourself at your best on the stage!

When your business is all about you and your expertise, what better way to shine than by standing up in front of a group of people waiting to hear what you have to say!  Having footage or photos of yourself doing just this is so valuable for your marketing – it puts you right in the position where an expert is traditionally seen.

Having video footage of you speaking can be great for expanding the benefits of your event beyond the day.  You can repurpose this into another paid for product such as an online masterclass.  There will always be potential guests who couldn’t make it to your event, so this is a great way to ensure you still serve them with your knowledge as well as make some revenue from this.

The photos and footage could also help you find speaking opportunities at other events – a great way to spread your message far and wide and continue building your expert status.

3. Get out from behind your laptop and have fun!

How would you like to feel:

  • proud
  • accomplished
  • fulfilled
  • excited
  • engaged
  • rewarded
  • appreciated
  • valued…

Hosting your own event can create all these feelings.  It can also inject HUGE amounts of fun into your business!  Sure it can be nerve wracking and time consuming but the rewards are great.

The opportunities to engage personally with your guests stretch beyond the day itself – they start the moment they buy a ticket.  Take the time to get to know them a little and facilitate some contact between your guests.  This will mean on the day itself each person arrives with someone in mind they’re keen to talk to and you have some knowledge of many of the people in the room.  What better way to get things off to a buzzing start.

With your own event, you are in control of how the day pans out and what you and your guests will get from it.  Make the most of this opportunity and design it in such a way that you maximize the benefits for you.

The energy you will get from pulling off your own live event can take you forward with a renewed enthusiasm and a head full of ideas from your guests about how you can serve them better.

For more tips and ideas on creating and hosting your own event, come and join my facebook group.  It’s called the Event Success Club and I’m in there regularly sharing tips and answering your questions.  I’d love to see you in there.

Thanks for reading,


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