3 questions to ask yourself to ensure your event planning flows with ease

I know what it’s like – you suddenly get an idea for an event that you think would be AMAZING and you want to jump straight in and get started immediately!  Book a venue!  Get the tickets on sale!  Tell everyone about it!

But I highly recommend you take a short time to stop and think your event through BEFORE you make any commitments or decisions.  There are 3 questions that will work brilliantly in helping you get clarity and ensure everything that follows flows with more ease and is less of a grind.

  1. What purpose will your event serve for your guests?

Most of us, if we’re savvy business people, will see the benefits to us and our business of hosting an event.  But now is the time to also give careful thought to the benefits for your guests.

Getting clear on how you will tailor your event to work for those coming along means that your marketing will become a whole lot easier.  You will find coming up with messaging to use in your ads and content so much more natural – you will automatically start to sell the benefits rather than the gimmicks.

Getting to the heart of what you have to offer your guests means you can speak to them in language that is much more likely to convince them to join you.

  1. What other events or options would deliver the same results for your guests?

Now it’s time to take a look at what other events there are out there that could serve the same or a similar purpose for your potential guests.

Don’t be too concerned if you find lots of other similar events – in fact if they’re selling well it’s a good thing as it shows you there is demand out there for your idea.  But taking a look at what other events are doing allows you to introduce some appealing points of difference.

  • Could you pick a more appealing or unusual venue?
  • Is there a better location that means guests won’t have to travel as far as they currently are?
  • Could you compete on price?

Taking the time to investigate what you’re up against means you will be better equipped to compete for your guests time and money.

Also think about non event resources they might be using.  If you’re planning a training workshop, could your guests be learning this content from an online course?  If so, make sure you sell the benefits of events as a medium as well as the advantages YOUR particular event has to offer.

  1. What is the best event format for you to use?

Once you’ve figured out what you need to offer your guests alongside how this event will benefit your business, it’s time to pick the best format.

There are many different options!

  • From workshops to conferences
  • Craft fairs to trade shows
  • Networking events to big budget parties!

Being clear on your format will help inform decisions and costs that come into play later down the line.  Choosing a venue for example – it’s much easier to draw up a shortlist of potential venues if you know the format you’re looking to create and therefore the space, layout and facilities you are looking for.

So, I fully recommend taking time out BEFORE you do any planning to ask yourself these 3 questions.

This blog expands on the first point of 15 in my “Checklist to help you plan your first live event.”  I created this to give you a simple path to follow to ensure you create a successful event – one that inspires your guests, enables deeper relationships and lasting memories and makes a profit for your business.

If you would like a copy (why wouldn’t you – it’s completely free!) you can download it by clicking on the image below and it will be emailed straight to you.

Social graphic for free checklist

Thanks for reading – do let me know what you think in the comments below.  Or you can come over to my Facebook page and comment on the Facebook Live broadcast I did on this very subject.

Happy planning until next week!



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