5 reasons why Online Courses are a great way to learn

I’ve recently released my first online course to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn how to create their own live events.

It makes perfect sense to me to have created an online course because I’ve benefitted from several of these myself, to learn various new skills since starting my own business.  It’s taken me 18 months to complete the course – from the start of the process of learning how, to the end result of a published course.  In that time I’ve become so used to the world of online courses that I had forgotten that lots of people are unaware they exist.

Since I put my course on sale I’ve had a few people asking me when my course is running and where.  It’s only just clicked with me that because I am such an advocate of live events, people assume it’s an actual event in itself!  I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this earlier!

While in the future I may well embark on running live events to learn how to – well – create live events, for now I’m focusing on getting my online course out there and into the hands of as many people as possible to support them in taking their business to a live audience.

Without further ado, here are some great reasons why, in my experience, online courses are a great source of learning.

Self study at your own pace. You can follow along with an online course at whatever pace suits you best.  You can complete the course in 1 sitting or break it up over a longer period of time.  Perfect for everyone – both those who are busy and want to break the learning up and those who are hungry to learn quickly.

Lifetime access so you can review sections as you need them. Many online courses offer lifetime access for the one off price you pay.  The brilliant thing about this is you can return to the course whenever you need a refresher, or as you get around to completing a particular task that the course covers.  So it doesn’t matter if you forget or don’t have time to implement elements of it immediately, it’s there when you need a reminder.

Downloadable resources. Many online courses offer supporting documents to help embed your learning.  These resources are provided digitally, so you can readily get hold of a new copy if you happen to lose your print out or want to go through an exercise again.  No more hunting for that note pad you took notes in 2 years ago!

A more cost effective way of learning. Online courses often compare very favourably with other types of learning.  The creator doesn’t have as many overheads as in person learning and so they can offer an online course at a lower price.  That combined with the lifetime access make them great value for money.

No travel time or cost. You save time and money that may otherwise be spent travelling to and from the training course.  If you are in employment, you may be able to make a better case with your boss for support to take an online course due to the lack of travelling required and also because you can break up the time it takes to follow the course into chunks that are less disruptive to your performance in your day job.

All in all online courses stack up pretty favourably to other forms of learning.  You can even create a sense of community among students with a facebook group or other form of online gathering.

If you’d like to learn about the process of creating your first live event for your business, have a look at my online course “Create Amazing Live Events – Your 5 Step Guide.”  It’s on sale for just £29 until the end of Friday 2nd Feb using offer code FLASH.  Just click the Buy £197 button, register and enter the offer code FLASH when prompted.

It’s incredible value at just £29 so I hope you grab the offer while it’s still available!

Happy online learning!


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